Teeth Caps, Crown and bridges helps you to restore your dental health. It gives you natural looking teeth with perfect shade matching. Dental Crowns & Bridges prevents Teeth cracking, Teeth breaking & Teeth Chipping. Dental Crown is solution for Discolored teeth. In common language people also call it False Teeth, Teeth Cover, Tooth Cover. To replace a tooth with a fixed tooth supported bridge, the tooth in front of the space and the tooth behind the space are prepared to receive crowns, attached to which is the false tooth, or as we call it, a Pontic. For a single missing tooth, this sturdy structure is composed of two crowns and a prosthetic tooth. Thus for a single missing tooth, you will have a dental bridge consisting of three units, viz. two crowns and the false tooth.

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What is Crown?

Crown refers to a single cap given on the treated tooth by reducing it in size.
– It does not involve any other tooth.

What is Bridge?

Bridge is given in order to replace one missing tooth.
– It is made by reducing two teeth adjacent to missing teeth.
– A set of three crowns (one missing + two adjacent teeth) are given in order to replace One tooth.

Maryland Dental Bridge

How is a Maryland Bridge Held in Place?

While a traditional dental bridge requires the dentist to shave down some of the enamel on the adjacent teeth, a Maryland dental bridge does not.To place a typical dental bridge, your dentist needs to remove some healthy tooth enamel. This permanently affects the intact teeth to which it attaches while A Maryland dental bridge has thin “wings” that attach to the back of your teeth. Our Best dentist in Ludhiana will bond that framework from the false tooth to the supporting teeth with a composite resin. They will not remove any tooth enamel before placement. While typical dental bridges are common, a Maryland bridge is not a tooth replacement option for everyone. They are only ideal for patients who have good oral hygiene and healthy neighboring teeth. Maryland dental bridges are cost-effective compared to other dental procedures.

Why should we go for Crown/Bridge

What is CAD/CAM?

CAD/CAM stands for Computer Aided Design And Computer Aided Manufacturing.

What We Offer?

Best Dental Crowns / Caps in Ludhiana

1.) Zirconia/All ceramic crowns/Porcelain crowns:

2.) Metal ceramic crowns/PFM(Porcelain fused to metal)

3.) Metal Crowns

4.) DMLS Crowns

DIRECT METAL LASER SINTERING (DMLS) is latest technology for manufacturing dental crown and bridges. This system uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) data to fabricate the desired frame by selectively sintering the alloy powder layer by layer. This machine uses special based alloy, which is highly bio-compatible. It offers a high tensile strength and has an excellent bonding strength. Laser sintering is the newest technology in metal manufacturing. DMLS is a manufacturing process for producing complex 3D components directly from 3D CAD data without using any machining. Laser sintering is also referred to as “3D printing” because it builds up framework in a series of successively thin layers. A high powered laser beam is focused onto a bed of powdered metal and these areas fuse into a thin solid layer. Another layer of powder is then laid down and the next slice of the framework is produced and fused with the first. When all the layers have been built up, the solid copings and bridge frameworks are taken from the machine, sand blasted, polished, inspected and ultrasonically cleaned.


No it is not painful.

These are made in dental labs using high end products from multinational companies.

A crown is a whole covering, commonly made of porcelain, metal or ceramic material, that replaces the enamel layer of the tooth. It is bonded on top of a healthy rooted tooth that needs strengthening and protection. A bridge is a device that uses two crowns to fill in a gap in the smile from a missing tooth. The crowns cover the two adjacent teeth, called abutments. The center of the bridge called a pontic, is a false tooth that is designed to fit in with the rest of your smile.

Someone who has one or two missing teeth and wants a reasonably secure and semi-permanent solution may benefit from bridges. The bridge is needed to help make it easier to process food, maintain the structure of the jawline and give the patient a smile to be proud of. The abutment teeth have to be healthy enough to support a crown. Generally, a good candidate for a crown will likely also be a good candidate for bridgework.

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